Pottery workshop

Pottery courses

The pottery workshop Il Tafano offers mini pottery courses for adults and children, practical demonstrations and visits to the workshop.

Course for children

While playing with clay, using only your hands and imagination, learn the technique of "columbine". You can add little objects found in the garden, twigs, leaves and stones to create lots of shapes, animals, butterflies, caterpillars, snails etc. and all sorts of decorations with the clay, known as "textured". The works created will be given to the maker after being cooked in the kiln.

Course for adults

Brief explanation of the basic technique I use for my work, the "columbine". Then we turn to practice; trying to create small and easy objects with this technique. Then we will try decorating with paint brush and the typical, traditional, Italian paints for ceramics. The works created will be given to the maker after cooking in the kiln.

Practical demonstrations and visits to the workshop

Practical demonstrations and explanations of the "columbine" technique and the decorations can be given, trying to explain the whole cycle of work involved in working with ceramics.
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